Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New iPhone

Everything interesting about the iPhone has probably already been written, but I got a new iPhone for Christmas and I am going to make a few comments anyway.

I am totally hooked on my iPhone and I wish I had gotten one sooner. I didn't because I couldn't convince myself that I wanted an iPod on my phone or a phone on my iPod.

I had it all wrong. The iPhone is the best mobile computing platform ever and it just happens to have a phone and an iPod. They are almost incidental.

I owned my iPhone for two days before I even plugged in the earphones. It is a great iPod, but doesn't hold a candle to my 120g classic for capacity and variety. I don't really like the idea of sucking my phone's battery with music, either.

But I am doing most of my personal email, most of my RSS reading, and most of my web searching/surfing and social networking on the iPhone.

The keyboard took a little getting used to, but I type almost as fast on the iPhone as I do on my blackberry now. I typed this entry with it. (iBlogger)

It is also a great gaming platform. Fieldrunners isn't just a "great game for the iPhone." It is a great game. Period.

It isn't a replacement for a sketchbook, but one can do simple doodles and contour drawings on it. (No. 2)

It is a brilliant calculator. Sci-15c and i41CX+ are both excellent apps. The fact that I feel the need for both probably says a lot about me - but I'd rather not examine that too closely. :-)

I have been spoiled for a while by having a blackberry with GPS and Google Maps and I am no longer willing to live without that functionality. The iPhone is better.

It is a great Twitter client - I am using Tweetie for almost everything Twitter.

It is a brilliant wifi locator (WiFinder).

Plus there are lots of totally new things you can do. Mobile Pandora is cool. As are SnapTell and midomi.

And in a pinch it is even a kitchen timer, diet aid, eBook reader, white noise generator, binaural beat machine, clock, flashlight, level, or a ruler.

I use my computers less now.



Gerb said...

Given that your use case is more a mobile computing platform, how would you have felt about an iPod Touch? You lose the 3G coverage, but do you think that would be a big difference? My only hurdle is the recurring monthly fee. If I could give up the BlackBerry, it would make the decision trivial.

David said...

I don't think I would want to live without having Google Maps available (with GPS) everywhere (and the other location aware apps).

Also, for me, if it wasn't my phone it wouldn't be with me. And it has to be with you to be useful.

You also need an iPhone to get the free AT&T hotspot access, which has been really nice (it will come as no surprise to you that I frequently find myself at Starbucks and Barnes & Noble).

It could certainly come close, though.