Friday, January 25, 2008

A Great New Poker Book

I have been familiar with Tommy Angelo for a long time. Several years ago when I was unemployed and full to the brim with free time I spent a lot of time reading the forums on 2+2.

Back then (before the poker boom) there were exactly four places to get good information about improving your poker game. was one, if you were willing to wade through the dreck to find the gems - the signal to noise ratio is MUCH worse now, but even then it was bad. Roy Cooke's regular column was another (this was before he released his first book). A very small number of good books existed. And there were the 2+2 forums.

In the old days the 2+2 community was pretty small. It was the place that all of the INTP poker geeks went to find out what all of the other INTP poker geeks were thinking about. Many of the regular posters from back then are fairly well known now. A couple (like Greg "Fossilman" Raymer) are household names and a host of others are authors or otherwise moderately well known (Bob Ciaffone, Jim Brier , Gary Carson, Steve Badger, and of course NPA Ed Miller the TV star).

Tommy always had interesting things to say and always said them in an interesting way. He tended (probably tends) to post on the meta-game.

His new book, Elements of Poker, is an excellent book for a good poker player who wants to get better. It is the best compilation that I have ever seen on the meta-game.

All of it is good and some of it is brilliant. Like the Elements of Performance chapter. I have always loved poker, but now thanks to Tommy it will become part of my practice (in the zen sense of the word).


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