Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crepes, crepes, crepes

I got a new crepe pan on impulse when I was in the mall the other day and I am extremely pleased with it.

For some background let me start by saying that I have been doing a lot of cast iron cooking lately, making me appreciate the qualities of a properly seasoned iron pan. So when I saw a DeBuyer crepe pan I was predisposed to fall in love with it. It is thin enough to heat fairly fast, small enough to aid in portion control, thick enough and made of the right material to heat evenly, light enough to be easy to manage for swirling batter, and simple and sturdy enough to last generations if properly cared for.
Crepe pan photo
It is an extremely simple affair. A piece of punched out sheet steel with a handle spot welded to it.

I got it home and seasoned the crap out of it on the stove top. Before I ever used it I had it looking like something that has been around for decades. But boy does it ever work!

It outperforms the best non-stick cookware I have ever used. The crepes turn out perfectly time after time. The pan stays hot, so I can easily make crepe after crepe, factory style. I have never cooked a crepe before, but the first one I cooked was perfect, as was every single one since (so far at least).

The more I cook, the more I appreciate the simple tools that our grandparents used to cook with and the less I understand the fancy cookware that is so in vogue these days. You can't even buy a cast iron frying pan in a lot of otherwise well stocked kitchen supply stores. It is sad really.

My favorite crepe shop closed recently (across the street from MGH in Boston), but I think I will miss it a little less now. I will certainly have crepes more often.


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