Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dieting again

After a long break, I am back on the diet again (posts from last years efforts here, here, and here).

I have come to realize several things about myself through my weight control efforts. The main ones are probably that I am much better than most people about exercising iron control and I am much worse than most people about exercising reasonable control. Here's a graph of my weight over time:

As you can easily see, as long as I am paying attention there is a nice downward trend. The second I stop there is a nice upward trend.

So I have the iron control and the method. I am not worried about getting into my target range. But I am very worried about how to stay there once I do. I either need a better balanced strategy or I need to accept the idea that I am a yo-yo and I just need to be able to rapidly transition between good/not so good. I guess I'll spend the next couple of months pondering that.

Suggestions welcome.


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