Friday, July 11, 2008

Diets and Diaries

This study validates my whole approach to weight loss. There is some more discussion here.

I haven't been very good about keeping my food diary of late and I have gained a few pounds back. One of the reasons I get tired of the whole food diary thing, though, is that I have insisted on doing complete calorie calculations, which gets darned tiresome.

The study implies that that might not be necessary. The more you record, the better you are likely to do, but the act of recording may be what puts you over the edge.

Like I might not have had that second handful of yummy M&M Premiums (Triple Chocolate) last night if I had had to record the fact for posterity.

So I am going to try it for a while and see what comes of this easier lighter weight food diary.



Helephant said...

That's very interesting. I've been following weight watchers for the past six months or so and it's part of their process. I know that one of the things that I have gained from the process is I know the calorie and fat content of pretty much everything I eat regularly and the first thing I do in the supermarket when I buy something new is flip it over and take a look at the stats on the back.

Also as a foodie and programmer I just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying your blog. :)

David said...

Thanks helephant!

It looks like you are in the UK, so this probably isn't that helpful to you, but there is this fantastic little book "The Calorie King" that makes calorie calculations much easier. It is very US centric, though, for restaurants and prepared foods.

If you make it yourself then, as you say, all you need is the packaging.